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Rodkjær Event

We design experiences

At Rodkjær Event we design unique events and creative decorations. From huge corporate events to the more intimate experience events. Regardless of the scope, we create events professionally, honestly and dynamically.

We are professional people with humour and with quality and content in mind. We are ambitious on our client’s behalf, we challenge and help them achieve results for their organizations.

Since 1999, we have served many of the country's largest companies, shopping centres and conference hotels with parties, events and decorations. We are known for providing well advised, well planned and well executed corporate event solutions. Through specialized knowledge and decades of practical experience, we base our advice on know-how and effective solutions. We know what works in theory. And even more so, what works in practice.

Our team consist of consultants, designers, project managers, craftsmen and decorators. Our drive is the joy of being creative, designing quality experiences and challenging ourselves to support a positive development between people. Because it’s all about people.​


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Meet the partner from Rodkjær Event

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Mikael Rodkjær


Mikael Rodkjær has been working with events for more than thirty years. He knows all the aspects of the process and has a unique talent to combine his knowledge with creative new ideas. Besides being a trusted advisor, Mikael is a trouble shooter, a craftsman and a project manager. Nothing is impossible for him and he sees it as his utmost mission to meet people at the same eye level. Because it’s all about people.



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Mette Hagelquist Stasiak


Mette is the backbone of Rodkjær Event with more than 17 years of experience within the firm. She is a true pioneer in implementing circular economy and sustainability in to the event business. She doesn’t just think green. She acts green. Mette is an innovator and she has been the mastermind behind some of our largest and most successful projects. Mette is one of the designers of our acclaimed trash handling solution.

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Søren Vestergaard


Søren is new to the eventbusiness. He comes from the world of media where he has more than 20 years’experience and has held several leadership positions. Most prolific he was Head of Sports at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation for 7 years where he championed big public viewing events. He is both creative and structured and he has a keen eye for talent and an even keener ear for client needs.